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A.lot premium

Private label license that allows LPR to be linked into a closed source. Ideal for parking lot owners and managers that control multiple lots, and have a need to maintain their brand identity.

Allows entry for all vehicles which are not blacklisted
Exit is possible only upon payment
Entry and automatic VNP register is a parking time starting point
Payments on location: with cash, card, app, via cell-phones
Pre-payment: via e-banking or other booking system
Specialized video camera
Automatic bar
Bar branding
Premium speed vehicle LPR software&database
LPR system administration software
Parking payment hardware and software (to choose)
Premium speed system server and network hardware
High-Accuracy LPR
High-Speed Processing
Priority Tech Support
On-Premises Deployment
Additional hardware and software per request (as information light-boards, free/occupied parking spot meters)
Plate Groups
Web Application

Ideal for:

Business centers
Public Parking Lots

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