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A public license that allows entry to all vehicles which are not blacklisted, while the exit is possible only upon certain service conditions – for example, upon payment for parking time. Ideal solution for paid, public parking lots and garages.

a.Lot Light
0 upfront fees.
Access using LPR
Basic whitelist including:
* Unknown LP (License Plate) events management
* General drive-in/drive-out events’ record (with a photo)
* N-1 (possibility to read the LP – 1 number)
* LP aliases
Manual entry of unknown LPs
Whitelist administration tool (centralised administration)
Number of whitelist administrators
Data on parking occupancy rates
Remote control of barriers/gates
Real-time video stream from LPR cameras
Real-time email reports (as an option)
Real-time lot equipment status
Security check on exit/entry rules (Antipass)
Advanced whitelist including:
*Different rules for different short and long-term customer groups
* Event record details for the advanced whitelist groups
* Parking restrictions and zones
Autonomous whitelist administration by multiple administrators
Number of autonomous advanced whitelist administrators
Number of short and long-term customer groups
Data on long & short term customers: ongoing parking, occupancy according to the various groups, occupancy according to customer type, parking data for day/month/year
Reservation booking module
Black list
Management of drop-off drive-in events
LPR system without barriers*
Validations module (validating guests' parking after arrival)
Consultation by a parking data analyst
1 free
Standard real time Microsoft Power BI analytics*
3 months free
Payment module for public parking
Invoicing for business
Mobile payment app (additional transaction fees apply)
Point of sales integration
Parking directions and parking rates via digital displays**
Mobile App Entry via Bluetooth
Events' limit per month
Event records saving duration
2 months w pic/6 months without pic
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Optional features (additional pricing)

VoIP intercom
Customised real time Power BI analytics
Integration with informational displays
Additional system users
Additional 1000 events/month
Web branding
White label Mobile app
API integration with a.Lot Cloud
Standard tariff module
Advanced tariff module
Replacement LPs
Clients newsletter
App payment transaction fee/per transaction
Integration with 3rd party software
Multilingual module
Mobile LPR
Dynamic pricing module
Integration with RFID/bar code/QR entry systems
Integration with 3rd party payment systems
Cash acceptance
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