How does a.lot system for private parking work?

  • System administrator enters the allowed licence plates in a whitelist beforehand. Licence plate registration rights can be granted to other users as well.
  • Upon approaching a bar the system automatically recognizes a licence plate and the bar is lifted to enter. Parking time starts.
  • No RFID, magnetic or other tickets needed to enter or to leave the parking lot

A.lot system collects metadata (plate numbers, timestamps, etc.) that makes this information available for an administrator to browse,search or generate reports. It also sends e-mail alerts when identified plates match administrator alert configuration.

A.lot agent connects directly to IP camera(s) and processes the video to identify license plates. The images that contain plates are stored locally on the agent in a rolling buffer. The size of this buffer is configurable based on available disk storage space. While reviewing license plate metadata on a.lot system, browser requests image data directly from the agent.