A.lot Parking Set to Transform Residential Parking Starting from San Diego, CA

Using license plate recognition (LPR) technology by A.lot Parking, an apartment building in San Diego successfully eliminates unauthorized parking use

A.lot Parking, a Seattle based parking technology and management company, launches its service to replace magnetic cards and remote controls with license plate recognition (LPR) cameras, guaranteeing full supervision and security for parking lot administrators and residents.

An apartment building in downtown San Diego had to search for an alternative solution for its parking facility when more than 400 magnetic keycards were distributed to access a parking lot containing 84 spaces. According to Kierra Gilbert, Community Manager at Island Village Apartments, the keycards would be shared with other drivers or rented out for the people attending events in downtown. This situation has caused serious security and management challenges.

After the installation of LPR cameras by A.lot Parking, the number of parking users was reduced to 75 authorized license plate numbers. “While previously I would often hear that a magnetic card has broken or was lost, it is very hard to lose a license plate,” said Ms Gilbert.

A.lot Parking online management system not only allows parking administrator to control a “white list” of authorised users, but also saves pictures of every car entered, provides live video feed and monitoring tools. “With A.lot parking system I can see exactly who is in my parking lot at any moment,” said Ms Gilbert.

“We at A.lot Parking believe that our technology ensures best security, control and monitoring features for building owners. Our experience in Europe shows that our clients boost parking revenue by better managing parking lots and even renting out unused parking spaces to the general public. The apartment building in downtown San Diego was a great launch of our services on the West Coast for residential parking,” said Darius Cincys, COO of A.lot Parking.

Original source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lot-parking-set-transform-residential-153000198.html