Hospitals to employ a.Lot’s touchless parking innovation to prevent COVID-19 spread

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A provider of innovative touchless parking systems, a.lot Parking, helps to protect the most vulnerable patients in Seattle

Seattle, March 31, 2021. A major Seattle hospital serving a big population of immunocompromised patients, launched a new parking assist program powered by a.Lot Parking to adhere to the highest standards of infection protection practices when the first wave of COVID-19 hit. 

The parking assist program proved to be key to easily adapt to evolving CDC guidelines for hospitals. When CDC recommended to limit and monitor points of entry to the facility, the new parking system with touchless access and payments proved to be critical to achieve the compliance. 

The touchless a.Lot Parking access control solution utilizes very precise license plate recognition (LPR) technology and makes parking entry and exit totally seamless for the customers. The solution also includes touchless payment platform that eliminates the usage of ticket machines, validation stamps and pay-stations, reducing the risk of infection and solving the headache disinfecting the surfaces. The hospital could easily allocate a separate parking lot for doctors and nurses who now enjoy the highest degree of protection and the fastest entry to the facility.

Cory Burrows, CEO of Prime Parking, who assisted the hospital installing the a.lot Parking touchless solutions concludes: “In the face of COVID-19 an array of new technologies emerges helping hospitals to limit human to human and machine interactions. One of the important areas affected are the outdated parking facilities. A.lot parking proved to be the best choice for the hospital valued by both patients and healthcare personnel.”

About A.lot Parking:

A.lot Parking Solutions specializes in touchless parking management and access control systems for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities and hospitality industries. A.lot cloud based Parking Management Platform (PMP) use license plate recognition (LPR) for touchless access control and mobile app for touchless payments. The PMP offers comprehensive analytics platform and maximizes return on parking assets. 

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