A.lot parking among the finalists of Lithuanian-American Innovation Award

A.lot parking and one of its founders Ricardas Cepas are honoured to be among the finalists of the Lithuanian-American Innovation Award. The award highlights and promotes innovative cooperation between the Lithuania and the United States.

„A.lot parking has just started its operations in the U.S. and went straight to be the finalist of this esteemed award. This is a great encouragement for us. The whole A.lot parking team feels that we are now oblidged to do our best to match the expectations and to be on this honourable list.“, said Darius Cincys, CEO, A.lot parking.

„A.lot parking has been selected for this award together with 4 other academic or business projects ranging from the Lithuanian Nobel Prize nominee professor Virginijus Sikstys to a company like Deeper which has entered the U.S. market 5 years ago. To be featured on this list with A.Lot parking is a prove that smart parking technologies are needed all over the world and our experience in Europe ensures that we are on the good way to become parking leaders in the U.S“, said Ricardas Cepas, Chairman of the Board of A.lot parking.

“The intention of this award is two-fold – to call attention to the high level of innovation and collaboration occurring between Lithuanian and American partners, and to provide modest financial support to encourage this innovation to continue,” said U.S. Ambassador in Lithuania Anne Hall during the presentation of the awards. “Both of our countries are on the cutting edge of innovation, and this is one small way to make the world aware of that. Already partnerships in this field are creating jobs in both of our countries and advancing ideas for new products. In other words, if you want to find a good place to cultivate innovative technologies in any field, this is the place to do it!”

The “Lithuanian-American Innovation Award” was established by the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF), the American-Lithuanian Business Council (ALBC), and the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius. The prize was designed to recognize a Lithuanian individual, organization, university, or firm that has developed an innovation in collaboration with a U.S. partner.

More about the award: https://lt.usembassy.gov/lithuanian-american-innovation-award-winner-announced/